Positioning Sensor Magnet for Steering Applications

2021-10-13T18:12:55+00:00Automotive, Injection Molded Parts|

Designed to sense exact position in steering applications. Injection molded neodymium magnet and aluminum bushing over-molded with polypropylene casing. Magnetized radially with 4 poles. Multi-step molding process produces one cohesive piece, eliminating the need for additional assembly. Have a specific magnet specification for your project? Contact EAM today for your magnet needs.

Controller For High-Tech Manufacturer

2021-11-17T17:03:45+00:00Aerospace, Injection Molded Parts|

Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution… When a company that designs control systems for military and space program applications needed a magnetic system to operate a new precision control unit, they wanted the best. They found it in EA Magnetics. The Problem: Create a

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