Magnets for Medical Applications

Over-molding with medical grade polymers and thermoplastics – PEEK, PTFE, and more

A high-quality, reliable sources for magnetic components produced to meet your exact specifications

30 years of experience designing and producing magnets for medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment.

Medical applications demand a different kind of magnet supplier.  Our medical customers expect precision, quality, and strict adherence to any necessary standards or requirements. EAM supplies magnets and components for countless medical applications like medical pumps, valves, sensors, and test equipment. We offer coupling magnet designs for mixers and stirring devices. We can over-mold magnets with medical grade plastics in order to keep them clean and sterile.  And we do it all while maintaining a policy of zero defects and rigorous quality control.

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  • Magnets for medical pumps, valves, sensors, PEEK and test equipment

  • Flawless compliance – Zero defects

  • All types of permanent magnets available

  • Neodymium, Ceramic/Ferrite, Alnico, Injection Molded and More

  • Coupling magnets, mixers, stirring equipment.

  • Prototype and tooling design

  • Just in time delivery

  • Custom packaging

  • Multiple US Locations – NY/PA/CA

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Why Choose EAM?

Fast prototyping

Experienced team of magnet specialists

High volume capacity

Quality – IATF 16949 certified

Domestic and offshore supply chain options

Local stock, JIT delivery available

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