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Drain plugs and filters for automotive, trucking and heavy equipment applications

Use magnetic filters to protect motors and equipment, extend warranties

Motors in cars, trucks, RV’s, heavy equipment, boats etc. are subject to many potential repair and warranty issues. Metal chips, shavings and filings that come loose during operation can contaminate fuel, oil, transmission and lubricating fluids and cause engine wear and breakdown. EAM has been working with customers for decades to design magnetic chip collectors, drain plugs and filters that can be used with great effectiveness to prevent these issues.

Automotive suppliers are under constant pressure from their customers to improve their products and extend warranties. EAM works with these kinds of clients to design magnetic chip collection systems and filters – from part design through providing advice on the placement of the magnetic components. The magnetic material itself is carefully selected to withstand the often demanding environment and elevated temperatures present in axle, transmission and other drain plug areas, resulting in improved performance and tremendous cost savings.

EAM has extensive experience producing custom, in-line magnetic filter devices that can work with a sensor to alert customers to any potential filtration problems as well. Contact EAM to find out how we can help with your magnetic filtration application.

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