Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution…

Injection molding technology has changed the way magnets are used and implemented in many applications. This particular customer had a very specific need, and looked to EAM to provide a 21st century solution.

The Problem: A company that provides after-market automotive products had an idea for a product. They wanted to create a small, in-line filter bag that could be used to filter contaminates out of engine oil. These types of filters can be problematic, however, because when they become full, they clog the line, preventing oil from reaching critical engine systems.

The challenge was to create a small screen filter that would break-away when it became full, allowing oil to still flow through the system. A sensor would then indicate that it is time to clean or change the filter.

The Solution: EAM worked with the customer to design an injection-molded neodymium ring magnet that is molded directly onto a small filter bag. The ring is designed to hold with a very precise amount of force, so that when the filter bag fills, the ring releases and allows the oil to continue to flow. The magnet releasing then triggers a switch that activates an alert light letting the operator know it is time to clean or replace the filter bag.