Magnets for Defense Applications

EAM has decades of experience producing magnets for defense related applications.

Controllers – Sensors – Motors

EAM is the ideal magnet source for military and defense applications. We have supplied magnets for military applications ranging from hall effect powered controllers to explosives. EAM has the experience required to provide guidance regarding any defense related magnet application, and we are pleased to advise our defense industry customers on all aspects of the process – design, prototyping, production, custom magnetizing, etc.

We offer any permanent magnet that could be required in a defense application – NdFeB, SmCo, ceramic, alnico, injection molded.

EAM considers all the variables that can be critical for defense applications:

  • Compliance

  • Efficiency

  • Size/miniaturization

  • Weight savings

  • High temperature environments

  • Quality control (IATF 16949 certified)

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Why Choose EAM?

Fast prototyping

Experienced team of magnet specialists

High volume capacity

Quality – IATF 16949 certified

Domestic and offshore supply chain options

Local stock, JIT delivery available

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