Most magnet assemblies are made the old fashioned way – by gluing the magnet(s) to a backing plate, shaft, hub, housing, etc. This adds an extra step to the process and can potentially lead to defects and quality issues. EA Magnetics can help you save time and money by eliminating these issues. Here’s a great example:

A manufacturer contacted our engineering team with a problem – they were using an alnico magnet to control a pneumatic valve. The magnet was glued in place inside a holder, and they were experiencing repeated failures as a result of the magnet coming loose. EAM has decades of experience redesigning existing magnet applications in order to improve efficiency and quality for our customers, and we knew how to solve this problem easily and inexpensively.

EA Magnetics proposed a new design in which the alnico magnet would be over-molded with plastic and locked into place using an injection molding process. This would serve two purposes: eliminating a step in the assembly process, and guaranteeing that the magnet would not come loose when the valve control was in operation. The new design was a complete success!