Some magnet applications require the use of magnets with multiple poles. Multi-pole magnets are used in motors, linear actuators, hall effect applications, and more .  For many years manufacturing multi-pole magnets was not easily accomplished, so many designs used multiple magnets positioned in an assembly to create a multi-pole effect. This is, of course, a costly and labor intensive process that can now be avoided by using single magnets that are magnetized with multiple poles.

Multi-pole magnets have superior magnetic qualities than radial rings made of the same material. Motors made with multi-pole magnets can also offer better performance, and sensors using multi-pole magnets are used for countless applications.  Multi-pole magnets need their own custom-made fixtures, and due to the high energies required to generate the magnetizing fields, these fixtures have to be designed with features that allow for their safe and effective use.

EAM has spent decades refining the production and magnetization process for multi pole magnets – we are able to achieve tight and intricate pole patterns using fixtures that can be produced quickly and economically.  Contact us today to find out more!