Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution…

When a company that designs control systems for military and space program applications needed a magnetic system to operate a new precision control unit, they wanted the best. They found it in EA Magnetics.

The Problem: Create a magnetic system that will work with a tightly spaced array of hall-effect sensors, allowing it to sense the slightest movements of the operator. The system would have no physical contacts, using only the precisely designed pole pattern of the magnet to trigger the sensors. The system should have so physical contacts inside the controller, guaranteeing that the apparatus will not wear out over time, causing malfunctions in the system.

The Solution: the EA Magnetics design team went to work, employing the newest injection molding technology to design a magnet that solved this customer’s unique problem. By over-molding the neodymium magnet directly to a custom designed metal staff, EAM was able to eliminate several steps in the assembly process, and create a magnetic system with the precise pole-pattern required by the application. The system was put into operation, and has performed effectively ever since.