Air Core Gauge

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Our customer was producing air core gauges using an older process using ceramic magnets. The magnet was zinc die cast onto a small, precision shaft. This presented several problems. The ceramic magnets often cracked and require precision grinding to fit into the cavity of the die cast machine to be assembled, which was expensive. Even

Great Magnet Design – Contact Free Ring Assembly

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EAM is known for innovative magnet designs – here is another great example: The Challenge: Produce an inner and outer ring assembly for use in an auxiliary HVAC power unit for trucks. The power unit incorporates a J1939 bus and new operating modes aimed at saving battery power and fuel.  An integrated pump circulates heated coolant

Magnetic Assemblies – Higher Quality, Lower Cost!

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Most magnet assemblies are made the old fashioned way – by gluing the magnet(s) to a backing plate, shaft, hub, housing, etc. This adds an extra step to the process and can potentially lead to defects and quality issues. EA Magnetics can help you save time and money by eliminating these issues. Here’s a great

Replace Magnets That Can’t Currently Source Offshore

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A well-known sensor manufacturer wanted to replace an existing magnet they were getting in China with one produced domestically. EAM worked with the customer to design a larger injection molded magnet that can snap in a case and actuate a TMR sensor used in security applications. The customer was able to re-shore this part easily

Innovative Hybrid Motor Magnet

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Here’s a great example of an automotive related linear motor application. The magnet in this case is a multi-pole injection molded magnet made from a hybrid neodymium and ferrite blend. The magnet is injection molded directly to a zinc plated steel hub – no gluing or assembly required. The hub is knurled to promote the

Anesthesia Equipment Needed a Better Magnetic Valve

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Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution… They had designed a magnetically controlled valve for a line of machines that regulate the flow of anesthetic gas delivered to each patient. Obviously, the performance of these valves is extremely critical. They are subject to stringent

EA Magnetics Designs Precision Magnetic Joystick

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Injection molded neodymium (NdFeB) magnet molded to a custom stainless steel shaft. Eliminates additional processes like assembly, gluing, etc. The magnet works with an array of hall effect switches to create a contact free joystick controller for industrial, aerospace and military applications. Polypropylene over-molded base further reduces friction and aids in movement and balance. Have

Positioning Sensor Magnet for Steering Applications

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Designed to sense exact position in steering applications. Injection molded neodymium magnet and aluminum bushing over-molded with polypropylene casing. Magnetized radially with 4 poles. Multi-step molding process produces one cohesive piece, eliminating the need for additional assembly. Have a specific magnet specification for your project? Contact EAM today for your magnet needs.

Over-molded Neodymium Magnets

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Neodymium magnets are susceptible to corrosion and chemicals, so they often need to be protected. EAM specializes in custom magnet over-molding for medical or food related applications. Choose from a variety of thermoplastics, like PEEK, nylon, PTFE, polypropylene and more. Our proprietary, multi-step process ensures complete sealing/encapsulation. Have a specific magnet specification for your project?

A Magnetic Stirrer for the Food Industry

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Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution… Magnets are used in countless modern “stirring” applications where contamination is a concern. The ability to create movement without any physical contacts – using only a magnetic field to couple the stirrer to the motor – guarantees

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