Technology that other vendors couldn’t supply was developed by EAM. Here’s what we did to provide the solution…

One of the largest postage machine manufacturers in the world contacted EAM concerning a new design they were hoping to implement. This design required a magnet with extraordinary capabilities, however, they were unable to find a company to design and produce such a part.

Working in conjunction with our joint venture partners who design and manufacture complex magnetizing fixtures, EAM was able to create two injection molded neodymium parts that met the very specific requirements of this demanding application.

The Problem: This design also required a magnet that would activate a sensor and measure the thickness of the paper as it ran through the machine. For this, a magnet was required with 5 uneven poles on one surface of a very small — yet powerful — part. No other company they contacted was able to meet these specifications.

The Solution: Again, EAM designed the appropriate magnetizing fixture from scratch, and as a result was able to provide the magnet the customer needed at the price that they wanted.