Magnetic Theory and Applications

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All materials are defined as being magnetic in that they respond to the application of an applied magnetic field differently to that of air or vacuum. Only selected elements or alloys have useful magnetic properties in engineering applications. Magnetic materials which are easily magnetized and the magnetized are often termed soft. Conversely, those magnetic

Comparison of Maximum Operating Temperatures

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EA Magnetics carries a wide range of sizes in almost all magnetic materials. The following chart can be used as a guide for determining the relative strength of various materials in relation to other magnetic materials available on the market. If you’re interested in custom made magnetic materials and components, click here.

Testing Magnets

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A test or combination of test methods should be based upon the criticality of the requirement, and the cost and ease of performing tests. Ideally, the test results should be able to be directly translated into a functional performance of the magnet. A sampling plan should be specified which inspects the parameters that are critical

Magnetic Strength Over Distance

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A resource explaining how the strength of a magnetic field drops off over distance. Distance, x Field at Distance x 0.063 2,690 0.125 2,320 0.188 1,970 0.250 1,660 0.313 1,390 0.375 1,160 0.438 970 0.500 810 0.563 680 0.625 580 0.688 490 0.750 420 0.813 360 0.875 310 0.938 270 1.000 240 How

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