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Roll Out Your Meditation Mat & Turn on the Magnetics

FluxWear, a neuromodulation technology startup located in southern California, demonstrated its first product at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The product, SHIFT, is a wearable neuromodulation device to help people with pain, anxiety or stress


Magnetic Nano-Beads Key to Veravas Antibody Detection Platform

Using proprietary nano-sized magnetic beads with specialized binding capabilities, Veravas, Inc., an early-stage diagnostics company based in Austin, Texas, has created a new development platform for biotech scientists. Researchers can employ it to measure antibodies against any antigen of interest


Permanent Magnet Motors in Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV’s) use Permanent Magnet (PM) motors. Over the next decade, the number of EV’s on the road is expected to grow to more than 250 million! Earlier versions of EV motors were powered by induction motors, which did


Custom Engineered Magnets

Looking for a new source for an existing magnet? Developing a prototype for a new design? Whatever your needs, EAM can help.

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