Restaurant, bars, concert halls and stadiums are always challenged to increase revenue, efficiency, and productivity. A new solution that is revolutionizing the industry pours beers from the bottom of a specially made cup. Using this system decreases spillage, increases yield from a keg and server productivity.

So how does a system pour a beer from the bottom of a cup without hardly any leaks or spills? Answer: magnets.

There is a round magnet that is placed on a cylinder opening at the bottom of the cup. This opening at the bottom of the cup has a metal ring that attracts the round magnet, creating a seal. Once the cup is placed on the system, it pushes the magnet up, allowing beer to flow. Once the automatic pour is complete and the cup removed, the circular magnet will come together with the opposite pole of the other magnet.

More and more establishments are switching over to this new system, and it’s all made possible with a small circular magnet.

EAM manufactures the critical components for this system, assuring that the exact quantity of beer goes into the cup.

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